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Easy Start & Expansion in Virtual Reality Entertainment

OTR delivers end-to-end solutions for VR Parks & quest rooms, from multifunctional platforms & action arenas to immersive games & professional park management software that streamlines your operations.

VR Solutions
Multiple Simulators for the Price of One

Customizable in minutes with steering wheels & controllers, OTR’s Motion Platforms transform into bikes, cars, & rocketships, meaning your venue has tens of attractions even within limited space & with no extra cost.

VR Equipment
Easy to Manage & Customize

Quickly capture visitors’ favorites with OTR’s management system, then adjust your customizable equipment accordingly, adding similar games and removing the least-played ones in minutes to pay only for the content you really need & encourage repeat play.

VR Gear
Realism & Precision


Our engineering team creates 6 DOF simulators & haptic equipment that rely on real-world physics and exactly reproduce motion cueing algorithms of actual vehicles in action for unparalleled immersion.

Innovative VR Solutions with Unlimited Opportunities
OTR VR Motion Platform
OTR VR Motion Platform

Drive your sales up by driving like in real life with OTR’s proprietary Motion Platform complete with highly realistic movement matching. An action-packed simulator, fit to form the core of any VR venue, 100-s of applications in a single frame, ready to serve as a racing car, bike, rollercoaster, pirate boat, or a rocket ship — you adapt to your visitors requests with a single click:

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Roll up
360 rotation — replicate any vehicle or
Full 6 DOF — maximum immersion guaranteed;
Ready to roll — minimum assembly required;
Fully compatible — with any gear & plentiful
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OTR VR Action Cube
OTR VR Action Cube

Let your visitors engage in the multiplayer fun with OTR VR’s Action Cube. Designed with hundreds VR games in mind & perfectly fit for the teams of up to 4 within an area of 5X5
(82ft) or 7x7 meters (160ft), the cubes are the best
cost/value combination of thrilling adventure & the high-end technology. Enjoyed from the very first game, impressing endlessly:

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Roll up
Benefit from best solutions — compatible with top headgear like HTC VIVE Pro & Oculus Quest;
Multitude of content — never leave out a single player;
Connect with the real — live screens become the center of gravity for the onlookers.
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OTR VR Ultimate Arena
OTR VR Ultimate Arena

In the fast paced world, it’s the first impression that matters. Deliver the love-at-first-sight experience with the most exquisite adventures, gear & content brought by OTR VR Ultimate Arena. We combine the top VR tech advancements like Optitrack’s most prized creations, to ensure free roam with human & object interaction for up to 10 persons, with unsurpassed immersion at ultra-low latency:

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Roll up
10x10 area — move freely with no obstacles or distractions;
HTC Vive Trackers — seamless recognition of even the lightest motion;
VIVE SteamVR Base station 2.0 — assisting in tracking players’ location, precisely & instantly;
HP VR Backpack PC — powerful hardware to ensure the strongest emotions.
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OTR VR Epic Free Roam
OTR VR Epic Free Roam

Don’t commit to standing-only VR even with a limited budget, as OTR’s created one of the most accurate and easy-to-use VR Free Roam Series for teams of up to 10. We translated years of hands-on expertise into optimizing only the things that matter, introducing ultra-affordable ROI-boosting attractions with minimum latency & smooth object interaction for truly immersive environments:

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Roll up
HTC VIVE Pro Wireless compatible solutions — even more active VR: no wires — no limits;
Designed to match any headgear — like the world’s most acknowledged HTC VIVE Pro & Oculus Quest;
Multisensory immersion — fooling every sensation with our proprietary haptic equipment;
10x10 action area — endless opportunities & thousands of adventures;
Expand to the real world — live streams showcase the action as it goes, engaging new players.
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OTR's Management Solutions for VR Parks
Turnkey Payment, Ticketing & Management Solutions for VR Parks

OTR’s easy to use scalable payment, tracking and reporting system monitors your VR LBE success as you go. Supporting online purchasing and multiple payment methods, OTR VR LBE solution is designed to work with paper and digital tickets in any types and formats, including bracelets and cards. The management system is uber-simple and user friendly with multiple features like precise attendance, revenue and VR Simulator load reports helping you maximize the potential of your venue.

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Roll up
Interactive ticketing — sell both in stores and online by adding credit to your clients card or bracelet, or distribute paper tickets secured with barcode
Season passes — build brand loyalty and run fantastic advertising campaigns, making a visit to your facility that perfect gift;
You’re in control — know the full picture on the visitor count, tickets sold, and bookings made with our live dashboards and statistics;
Reports & Analytics — know exactly what your customers are willing to pay for, learn the everyone's favourite VR simulators & games to readjust timely & maximize ROI.
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Our Success Stories
State-of-the-Art VR Motion Platform for Gaming
A 10-in-one full body physical feedback solution bringing the rolling & racing fun at multiple locations worldwide.
multiple implementation cases;
top yield on investment per sq.ft.;
adjustable attraction capacity;
73-156% average ROI.
World of Strangers Dreams: Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game for Location-Based VR Entertainment
A jaw-droppingly immersive adventure, adopted by multiple VR LBE venues, bringing the thrill of excitement & increased profits.
enhanced visual depth;
94% interest rate during location tests;
52% visitor increase since going live;
1,7 times higher revenue after the game launch.
Our Partners
Make your VR LBE Venue Shine with OTR’s tech:
Just like real
We know how to mimic reality to fool your senses, with true-to-life interaction & impact, including acceleration, rotation, haptic weapons & more.
Our goal is to ensure the highest efficiency, meaning saving not just your time & budget, but also the effective area.
Don’t waste a second by getting the comprehensive solution complete with hardware, proprietary management systems, & scenic games & content to launch your venue today.
Our entire project range is suitable for multiple applications, meaning you get 10 simulators for the cost of just one, meaning you’re ready to adjust to the ever-changing demand.
Top gear
OTR’s experts have been quite successful in developing our own creations & handpicking the best market values, meaning we’re ready to get you covered even on the most challenging project.
Easy to
We’re committed to helping you throughout your LBE journey as all our products are built to expand easily as your business grows. Get in touch with OTR today and join our extensive family of long lasting partners.
We want you to go live as fast as possible, that’s why our solutions are designed for the shortest assembly times to get those profits coming in with no delay.
Every simulator we deliver is created with you in mind, resulting in a unique style & appearance that match your facility, your concept, & your vision.
Building long-lasting commitment
We are committed to delivering the best-matching solutions for any venue, from launching a new LBE venue to enhancing existing facilities, ensuring exceptional performance & the most loyal community.
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